Country Music Week Overview

Country Music Week began in 1977 as an annual event created to heighten awareness and increase exposure for Canada’s country music artists. Today, Country Music Week is made up of three components:a music festival, which includes a Songwriters’ Series, talent showcases, a full-day FanFest, a Legends Show that pays tribute to Canada's most cherished country artists and a cabaret party where country fans can let loose; the CCMA Awards Show, which is a two-hour live, television special highlighting a year in country music; as well as an industry conference which allows the Canadian country music industry to honour those working behind the scenes via educational workshops and seminars, networking receptions, awards ceremonies and more. 

For the 2018 Country Music Week, we are thrilled to be working with a fantastic team in our Hamilton Host Committee. For more information about Hamilton events, visit Tourism Hamilton.



Tim Potocic


Steve Kassay

Vice Chair

Sharon Murphy

CCMA Liaison/ Host City Services/ Protocol

John Hertel


Patrice Whiffen


Sherry Sinclaire

Music, Marketing and Pageantry Industry

Jill Kurtz

Public Relations, Communications & Media

Glenn Robinson


Brydie Huffman

Project Coordinator

Sarah Linfoot-Fusina

Liaison – Host City Operations/SEAT

Lauren Crandall

Director of Events – Spectre Venue Management

Rachel Down

Event Manager, FirstOntario Centre

Adrienne Carter

RTO #3 – working with Music, Marketing, Pageantry, PR, Communications and Media

The following is a listing of past Country Music Week host cities:

1977 Ottawa, ON
1978 Regina, SK
1979 Toronto, ON
1980 Winnipeg, MB
1981 Ottawa, ON
1982 Halifax, NS
1983 Regina, SK
1984 Moncton, NB
1985 Edmonton, AB
1986 Winnipeg, MB
1987 Vancouver, BC
1988 Toronto, ON
1989 Ottawa, ON
1990 Edmonton, AB
1991 Hamilton, ON
1992 Calgary, AB
1993 Hamilton, ON
1994 Calgary, AB
1995 Hamilton, ON
1996 Calgary, AB
1997 Hamilton, ON
1998 Calgary, AB
1999 Ottawa, ON
2000 Edmonton, AB
2001 Calgary, AB
2002 Calgary, AB
2003 Calgary, AB
2004 Edmonton, AB
2005 Calgary, AB
2006 Saint John, NB
2007 Regina, SK
2008 Winnipeg, MB
2009 Vancouver, BC
2010 Edmonton, AB
2011 Hamilton, ON
2012 Saskatoon, SK
2013 Edmonton, AB
2014 Edmonton, AB
2015 Halifax, NS
2016 London, ON
2017 Saskatoon, SK
2018 Hamilton, ON