This award is presented to Canadian country music on-air radio personalities who exemplify the development of Canadian country talent through his/her/their presentation on-air for a Canadian country radio station within the current eligibility period. Jury members should give consideration to all aspects, including but not limited to the personality(ies)’s on-air presentation, market share/ratings information, community service, industry involvement and charitable contributions.


  • The current eligibility period the On-Air Personality(ies) of the Year (Medium or Small Market) Award is March 1, 2017 through to April 30, 2018;
  • Any Canadian terrestrial country radio station (as defined by the CRTC) is entitled to submit for consideration;
  • A minimum of one (1) person from the submitted radio station must be a member of the CCMA in good standing upon the submissions opening;
  • The individual must have been employed, and in the applicable position within the corresponding company for a minimum of 50% of the current eligibility period.


The  On-Air Personality(ies) of the Year (Medium or Small Market) Award follows a two (2) step selection process:

  • STEP ONE – Radio stations are invited to submit a package for (one of) their on-air personality(ies), demonstrating the personality(ies)’s on-air presentation, market share/rating information, community service, industry involvement, charitable contributions, etc.;
    • If there are less than three (3) submissions in either of the above mentioned categories, the award will not be presented in the current year;
  • STEP TWO – A professional panel of industry jurors, whose members are approved by the CCMA, will independently judge each submission, giving consideration to ratings, community service, industry involvement, entertainment and professionalism of the demo;
    • The tallied results will determine the winner;
    • There are no nominees in this category;
    • There is no voting in this category.


  • The On-Air Personality(ies) of the Year (Medium or Small Market) Award is presented at the annual CCMA Industry Lunch & Awards during Country Music Week;
  • One (1) award is presented to each core member of the personality(ies)(Medium or Small Market), courtesy of the CCMA.