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posted on February 19, 2016

This award is presented to the design team who has created a physical album (CD, EP and/or vinyl) or single (digital), as listed within the album’s liner notes or as listed on the completed submission form (single), featuring original artwork, released within the current eligibility period. Voters and jury members should give consideration to all aspects of the given recording package, including but not limited to the strength and cohesiveness of the design concept of the whole package (including the disc), typography, materials used, marketing potential and connectedness to the music and/or recording artist.



  • The current eligibility period is March 1, 2016 through to April 30, 2017;
  • At least 50% of the design team must be Canadian citizens or landed immigrants;
  • Only eligible CCMA Members are entitled to submit in this category;
  • Contenders in the Second Step of the selection process are required to be members of the CCMA, in good standing, in order to move on as one of the final five (5) nominees in the Third (and final) Ballot; Within a collaboration, 50% of the contributing members must be members of the CCMA;
  • Packaging released prior to the current eligibility period (March 1, 2016) does not qualify; however, design elements of previously released CD, EP, vinyl and/or single (digital) packaging qualifies when the design elements are incorporated into a new design (e.g. greatest hits packaging);
  • For an album (CD, EP and/or vinyl), only those listed as the design team, within the album packaging, will be considered members of the design team;
  • For a single (digital), only those listed as the design team, on the completed submission form, and verified by the CCMA’s Award Verification Committee, will be considered members of the design team. Once submitted, the names CANNOT BE CHANGED.
  • Final nominees from the previous year are not eligible in the current year for the same product.


The Recording Package of the Year Award follows a three (3) step selection process:

  • STEP ONE – Members of a design team are invited to submit a package, including their artwork, detailing the creative thought process behind the artwork, the connectedness to the music/art, and marketability of the art;
    • If there are less than three (3) submissions, the award will not be given out in the current year;
  • STEP TWO – A professional panel of industry jurors, whose members are approved by the CCMA, will judge the submissions to determine the final five (5) nominees, which will appear on the Third (and final) Ballot, providing they meet the eligibility requirements as determined by the CCMA’s Award Verification Committee. In the case of a tie, more than five (5) nominees will appear on the Third Ballot;
  • STEP THREE (Third Ballot) – From the list of five (5) nominees provided, each eligible CCMA Member may vote for the one (1) nominee they deem most deserving. The nominee receiving the most votes will be announced as the winner during Country Music Week. In the case of a tie, more than one (1) winner will be announced.


  • The Recording Package of the Year Award is presented at the annual CCMA Industry Lunch & Awards during Country Music Week;
  • A maximum of two (2) awards will be presented to the design team, courtesy of the CCMA.
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