Each year, the Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA) honours its members who have excelled during the past year, with a Canadian Country Music Association Award. CCMA Awards are presented each fall during Country Music Week.

The CCMA Awards are voted upon by the membership* in a three stage ballot process; during the first of which, potential Candidates who have released product within the eligibility period and meet the criteria outlined in the Rules & Regulations, are brought forward for consideration and nominated by the voting membership through a 'write-in' ballot. The Second Ballot presents the top ten eligible contenders, as verified by the Awards and Balloting Committee, who have received the most votes in each category to be voted upon for the Third (and final) Ballot, which contains the top five contenders in each category, who become the final five nominees.

Click here to view the Rules & Regulations for the CCMA Awards Program.

Should you have an idea for a potential new CCMA Award category, please contact Karina Davison at the CCMA office at or at 416-947-1331 ext. 218. Click here to review the CCMA Award Category Submission Form.

* Only CCMA Members who have renewed before April 30 may vote; this process does not apply to Fans' Choice, Top Selling Album of the Year, Top Selling Canadian Album of the Year, and Top Selling Canadian Single of the Year, all of which have their own unique selection process (see 2018 Rules & Regulations for details).


Artist Awards (14 Awards)

  • Album of the Year (Award #1)
  • Fans' Choice (Award #2)
  • Female Artist of the Year (Award #3)
  • Group or Duo of the Year (Award #4)
  • Interactive Artist of the Year (Award #5)
  • Male Artist of the Year (Award #6)
  • Rising Star (Award #7)
  • Roots Artist or Group of the Year (Award #8)
  • Single of the Year (Award #9)
  • Songwriter(s) of the Year (Award #10)
  • Top Selling Album of the Year (Award #11)
  • Top Selling Canadian Album of the Year (Award #12)
  • Top Selling Canadian Single of the Year (Award #13)
  • Video of the Year (Award #14)

Musician Awards (7 Awards)

  • Bass Player of the Year (Award #15)
  • Drummer of the Year (Award #16)
  • Fiddle Player of the Year (Award #17)
  • Guitar Player of the Year (Award #18)
  • Keyboard Player of the Year (Award #19)
  • Speciality Instrument Player of the Year (Award #20)
  • Steel Guitar Player of the Year (Award #21)

Radio Awards (6 Awards)

  • Music Director of the Year (Large Market) (Award #22)
  • Music Director of the Year (Medium or Small Market) (Award #23)
  • On-Air Personality(ies) of the Year (Large Market) (Award #24)
  • On-Air Personality(ies) of the Year (Medium or Small Market) (Award #25)
  • Radio Station of the Year (Large Market) (Award #26)
  • Radio Station of the Year (Medium or Small Market) (Award #27)

Industry Awards (14 Awards)

  • Booking Agency of the Year (Award #28)
  • Country Club of the Year (Award #29)
  • Country Festival, Fair or Exhibition of the Year (Award #30)
  • Country Music Program or Special of the Year (Award #31)
  • Management Company of the Year (Award #32)
  • Music Publishing Company of the Year (Award #33)
  • Record Company of the Year (Award #34)
  • Industry Person of the Year (Award #35)
  • Creative Director(s) of the Year (Award #36)
  • Recording Studio of the Year (Award #37)
  • Record Producer(s) of the Year (Award #38)
  • Retailer of the Year (Award #39)
  • Ron Sakamoto Talent Buyer or Promoter of the Year (Award #40)
  • Video Director of the Year (Award #41)

Key Dates

  • April 30: CCMA Membership Deadline - Membership must be renewed by April 30 to receive voting rights
  • Early May*: First Ballot opens
  • Late May *: First Ballot closes
  • Mid June*: Second Ballot opens
  • Early July*: Second Ballot closes
  • Mid July *: Third Ballot opens – Nominee Announcement; 3 weeks to close
  • Early August *: Third Ballot Closes
  • September*: Winners are announced at Country Music Week during the CCMA Industry Lunch & Awards, CCMA Gala Dinner & Awards and the CCMA Awards Show.

* Exact dates vary each year

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