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Donna & LeRoy Anderson

Donna & LeRoy Anderson

  • Inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame in 2010
  • Background:

    It was 1969: Donna Ramsay, the daughter of legendary broadcaster Don, had just finished her Capitol Records album for Gary Buck and his next recording project was for LeRoy Anderson.

    Gary and his wife invited both Donna and LeRoy over to their home in Kitchener and the sparks soon flew. Individually, both artists had chart hits.  Donna with "Bittersweet", and "Cool Green Waters" and LeRoy with a string of five chart singles in the early 70's including his signature release, "Balzac Boogie".

    Donna and LeRoy walked down the aisle in 1972 and in 1974 decided it was time to become a duo professionally too.  A move to Toronto ensued with the two building a career in the hotels and coffee lounges of Hogtown.

    After a late night summer club gig, Donna had a lot on her mind including packing the duo for a three week working trip to New Zealand.  After an unexpected phone call, Donna and LeRoy agreed to be a part of the new Tommy Hunter Show on CBC television.

    A year after the end of the show, the couple decided it was high time for change and relocated to Nashville where they still reside to this day.  Donna and LeRoy were inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Honour in 2010.

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